The Terneuzen International Club at DOW

• Why we exist?
The purpose of TIC@Dow is to help newcomers from abroad settle in and also help re-adjust those returning from abroad. All nationalities are welcome. The club focuses on activities with an international character to get members in contact with people who have similar experiences and to stimulate contact with internationals and to learn from and help each other. TIC@Dow is a sub-club of the Dow PV club and the activities are sponsored by TIC@Dow members and PV support.

• Who can participate?
All members of the PV and their families are welcome to join (this includes Dow employees, Styron employees, and BPSC employees with a fixed contract). When partners join, the “Dow member” membership fee applies to both. All TIC@Dow members are able and welcome to become members of the steering committee. For many activities, guests/non-members are also welcome to participate.

• What is in TIC@Dow for you?
• We provide our members with educational and social opportunities to discover and enjoy life in the Netherlands! We organize multiple social, cultural, and sport events, which take place during daytime hours (for members and families with free time), evenings, and weekends.

• How to contact us?
• Should you wish to have more information to become a member of TIC@Dow, please contact us.